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Viking Sword

Viking Sword
USD - $399.00
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*Materials (all materials are handmade)

-Carbon Steel

-All Handmade

-Walnut root handle

-High qualit metal guard

-Full Length: 104 cm

-Handle Length: 19,5 cm

-Weight: 1,2

Viking Sword

The Viking sword or Carolingian sword is the type of sword prevalent in Western and Northern Europe during the Early Middle Ages. We make the Viking era sword with traditional methods in our workshop. As always this sword is handmade and battle ready. The Viking Era Sword or Carolingian-era sword developed in the 8th century from the Merovingian sword (more specifically, the Frankish production of swords in the 6th to 7th century, itself derived from the Roman spatha) and during the 11th to 12th century in turn gave rise to the knightly sword of the Romanesque period.

Viking Sword Medieval

Swords in the Viking age were typically double edged; both edges of the blade were sharp. Swords were generally used single handed, since the other hand was busy holding the shield. Blades ranged from 60 to 90cm (24-36 in) long, although 70-80cm was typical.

Viking Sword for Sale

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